Questions & Answers

I try to be accommodating.  So if you have any questions, email me at

Here are the answers to some of the questions I’ve already received.


  1. What ever happened to Gary? Gary is still alive and well and we are still great friends.  He is living in St. Louis and has a wife and a baby girl.
  2. Does Gary still piss people off but with more finesse?  No, not really.  He is actually very nice and a lot funnier than me most of the time.  And I know that you all are saying “no, impossible” but it’s true.
  3. Todd? Todd is also alive and well.  He still lives in our hometown and he and Gary get together quite a bit.  Todd travels a lot for work and has a wife and three boys.
  4. Are you really that pasty white?  Yes, if you want proof, just take a look at the photo above.  Also, note the mullet.  I am really, really cool.
  5. Did you leave dirty dishes in the sink for April when she came home?  I did not.  I haven’t been married for 16 years for nothing.
  6. How are the bees doing?  That, my friend, is a very, very good question.
  7. What is an IGA?  Think Piggly Wiggly, or Kroger, or some other small town grocery store.  They used to be all over but I haven’t seen one for a while but I hear that some are still in and around.
  8. Why are your story chapters so short?  Several reasons, all good.
  9. Are you “fishing” for comments?  Um…yea.  But I think I’m entitled because April still has me beat by 400 to 1.  And she gloats.
  10. Are you that insecure that you need to *ask* us if we want you to continue?  Have you not been reading the story?
  11. How do you remember all the little details?  I sit down, begin to type, and then look at April and say, “What was I doing then?” or “What did you say after I did that?”  We usually piece it together after a while.
  12. Girlfriend? Yes.  I had one when I went off to college.  But I went home and broke it off right after the big April-Clay smooch.  She was fine with it and I think she had actually moved on a bit.  And by “moved on a bit” I mean “dated a guy named Chris.”  It wasn’t a big factor in the story so I left it out.
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