Barry Speaks Volume One

So I’ve been a little overwhelmed with all of the questions.  I mean crap on a stick, it takes me months to get out another installment of “How We Met” and April throws another 100+ questions my way.  Well, I read through the first fifty and picked out ten that I thought I could answer without too much difficulty.  Here they are:

  1. Jenni in KS writes: “Why The Cure? While you were into The Cure, did you go around dressed kinda funny?”  Yes, I was totally weird.  Long curly hair on top with short clipped hair on the sides.  Converse high tops with tight rolled jeans.  Button down shirts buttoned all the way up.  Yea, I was a little weird.
  2. JenniferB writes: “What are your top ten favorite things about your fabulous wife?”  1.  Her laugh; 2. Her hair; 3. Her legs; 4. Her height; 5. Her wit; 6. Her love for me; 7. Her love for our kids; 8. Her patience in the face of tough times; 9. Her commitment to Christ; and 10. Her kiss.  Not necessarily in that order.
  3. Michelle writes: “Is it intimidating to be married to someone so awesome?”  Yes.  I stand in shocked disbelief every day.
  4. Tovah writes: “So in some of your dance photos and dance videos it kind of looks like you know some swing dancing–specifically west coast swing. Is this true?”  Yep, west coast swing is our dance of choice.  We took a class about four years ago with a bunch of friends and learned to swing it.  We try to dance it every chance we get and have learned that swing is not about technique as much as attitude.  If you’re having fun, so will everyone else.  By the way, we were just invited to join our local swing club by the miniature dance instructor at Ellen’s formal.  She was teaching the kids the Charleston and the East Coast Swing and naturally we decided to embarrass as many kids as possible and join in.  We must have made an impact because the miniature dance instructor told us that we should come by their club and learn the Lindy Hop.  I hear that is more complicated.
  5. Crunchy Chicken writes: “What’s your favorite body part on April?”  Well, there are a lot and it is tough for me to narrow it down but if I’m being completely honest I’ll say it is her…well, you know…her…those things.  I’m talking about her lips.  Holy cow people, get your minds out of the gutter.  Her lips are, by far, the loveliest I’ve seen, constantly in a smile and fun to smooch.
  6. Kris writes: “What is one thing that April does that makes you feel valued and loved? What is one thing you could do for her to make her feel the same?”  This is probably going to sound dumb but I love to have my back scratched.  I like the attention.  For April, it is a clean house.  If I take the time to clean the kitchen or the bathroom she’s gets all misty eyed.
  7. jancd writes: “Do you read the Bible?”  Absolutely.  There are a few things that I count essential in this life and reading the Bible is one of them.
  8. jj writes: “I would like to know how he finally got father-in-law-to-be to like him. Before or after the wedding?”  That is a good question.  I think it was after the wedding when he finally realized that I wasn’t leaving and that I wasn’t as weird as he supposed.  Now we are best buds.
  9. The Park Wife writes: “Clay, how do you keep the fun and excitement in your marriage?”  Laughter.  The ability to laugh at oneself and at one another is the key.
  10. Annie in Indiana writes: “I have an old four square house (built in 1910-ish) with a finishable attic that has a dormer window on the front of the house. When we finish the attic, I’d like to add at least two more dormers, but my husband says that would ruin the architecture. Your thoughts? (I can provide pictures, if you’d like.)”  I always relish the opportunity to cause marital friction so I’ll say that The American Four Square is actually a very versatile design style with many different “looks,” dormers being one of them.  I would have to see pictures of the house prior to saying for sure but you would not be out of the aesthetic of style to add them.  Plus it would make the attic finish space much nicer with natural light.  Send the pictures and I’ll let you know for sure.

That’s it for now.  If you didn’t see your question here don’t worry, I’ll try to answer them sometime in 2011.