Barry Speaks Volume Two

I’m taking stab at ten more questions.  Here they are:

  1. Gayle Rogers writes: “Do you think Dave Ramsay saved your marriage or hurt it?”  This is an interesting question.  Damn Ramsey is a part of our lives and has totally changed our basic financial structure but I would not say that this system has had any effect on our marriage either way.  We have been together on this thing, the marriage, since the beginning, in both good times and bad, and the only effect it  has had on us is to strengthen our love for each other.
  2. Mark writes:  “if I send you my address could you mail me a pint of water from coal creek ? ? ?”  Yes.  Some people do not believe that Coal Creek is an actual creek, but it does exist and I can prove it in the form of muddy water in a 12 ounce bottle.
  3. Kait writes: “So, tell us Barry, would you love another little April or Clay running around the house?”  The short answer is yes, if we could get them at 6 months and April didn’t have to be pregnant.  Then again, I’m not sure that I want to baby proof the house.
  4. jenny writes: “Clay- in the “Bust It” dance montage, there is moment (around the 2:00 mark) where April gives you this… look. It is THE look- one of total love.
  so the question is this…
how’d you get so lucky?”  I don’t know.  I noticed that look too and she looks really cute.  I am lucky.
  5. Betsy writes: “How do you get your kids to dance in the videos?”  Only 25% of our kids actually participate without a lot of cajoling.  The others usually come around after a few minutes of watching us…that is, the male others.  The girl is hopeless.
  6. Kathleen writes: “What qualities will you tell your children to look for in a prospective mate?”  We have two requirements for our kids: 1) they have to be Christian; and 2) they have to be tall.  Now, before I get a lot of comments saying that we are unreasonable, I have to say that we are tall people.  A short person would just feel out of place…and we would make fun of them non-stop with a lot of pointing and laughing.
  7. Mother of Pearl writes:  “I have become convinced that my dishwasher sounds just like the Tardis. I can’t decide if this means I am watching too much Doctor Who or not enough. What do you think?”  You used the word Tardis in a sentence.  You are watching too much Dr. Who.
  8. Sunny writes “do you think shoes can be sexy? And if you do, do you think some shoes are too sexy to be worn to church (stilletto heels, for example)?”  I know you’ve already been kicked out of your church but I wanted to make sure you have my response.  The answers are yes and yes.  April wears a pair of black stilletto heals that I picked out for her to church, and I’m surprised I don’t get kicked out when she wears them.
  9. Julianna writes: “What’ your favorite sport to play, not watch?”  Basketball by a mile.  I started playing it rather late in my childhood at 15 but I got hooked and have been playing it ever since.  I have noticed that I’m no longer the fastest or have the highest vertical so the game has taken on more of an outside shot and using my head rather than the “stuff it down their throat” game I used to play.  But I still love it.
  10. Stephanie writes “I was wondering if architects sometimes still draw blueprints by hand, or do you use the computer all the time? Also, did you have to design a building and draw the blueprints by hand when you were in college?”  The term Blueprints is actually a dated term.  It identified the “white lines on a blue background” prints that were popular in the mid 20th century.  But I find that the term is kind of stuck in people’s minds and it is used to describe just about any technical drawing that architects produce.  In college we did everything by hand, today nearly 100% of drawings are computer generated.  Some smaller firms will still use the hand drawn stuff but they are few and far between.  Drawing today is being redefined.  The process I use in my firm is to actually model the building in virtual space and then let drawings reflect that.  It makes for a much better process and communication with the client.  Uh, bored yet?

Finally, many of you are asking about the love story.  I am working on the next installment.  I hope to have it soon and I think you’ll like this next one.  It has a pretty important event in it.  A huge turning point…okay, no more.  I’ll try to have it soon now that the kids basketball seasons are nearing an end.