How We Met – Part 7: A First

A couple days after the “Slip and Slide” event April and I went on a milkshake run.  The milkshakes were good but the conversation was better.  We conversed in my car to my dorm lobby to my dorm room.  The topics drifted from Drawing class to April’s hometown to my family to everything else.  We were both having a good time and realized that instead of talking for a couple hours, we had actually been talking for about eight…and it was about 3am.

I was tired.  April was really tired.  When April gets really tired she tends to nod off just about anywhere she can find a comfortable spot.  The comfortable spot just happened to be on my top bunk and I just happened to be sitting, and then eventually lying, right next to her as she drifted in and out of consciousness.  Her eyes would slowly open, she would look at me and continue whatever topic was currently bouncing back and forth between us and then her eyes would slowly close again and there would be silence.

*We now take a break in this story to remind my daughter that if any punk keeps you out past 6pm then he’s gonna have to answer to my fist tickling his tonsils.  I was not as wise or concerned for your mother’s well being as I am now and what I should have done is patted her on the back, thanked her for the lovely evening and maintained a precise three foot buffer until the day I married her.  But, then I wouldn’t have this story to write…

I was awake and nervous watching this wonderful creature nod off to sleep right next to me.  She looked lovely in the soft glow from the clip lamp on the side of my bed and I decided that the time had come to take this little “friendship” to the next level, because hello, she was no longer a moving target.  I hadn’t really planned for this moment or this spot to have it, but as I looked at her and how comfortable she was, I saw that it was the ideal time.  At least that’s what I thought.

My plan was to sit tight until she opened her eyes and then boldly swoop in and lay a big fat kiss on her.  She would kiss me right back and we would laugh and go skipping off into the sunset.  But, in great April fashion, she didn’t comply with my plan.  She kept her eyes closed for a long time.  I stared at her, patiently, with my stomach in knots.  She didn’t move.  Was she asleep?  Crap, did I wait too long?  I cleared my throat, waited…cleared again.  Nothing.  Dang it.  I was about to start clapping and yelling like a howler monkey when she stretched a little.  I swiftly put my head back down, closed my eyes, waited a couple seconds and opened them again.  She slowly opened her eyes and looked at me.

This was it.  Our eyes met, I waited half a second then leaned in to give her a kiss.  The kiss was nice, except for the fact that I got her right on her nose.  I totally missed her lips and planted a big wet one right on her nostril and cheek.  I didn’t really think I was that bad of a shot but the look on her face when I pulled back made it pretty clear that she wasn’t expecting anything like that, especially on her nose.  I waited for a positive response and when I realized that she wasn’t offering any help, I desperately went in for a proper kiss.  This time she didn’t wait, she reared her head back and quickly sat up with an “um…” look on her face.

I made a huge mistake.  I had made my move and it was the wrong one.  I wasn’t sure what to do next so I put my hands up in surrender and said, “I’m sorry.  Do you want me to take you home?”   I fully expected her to spring from the bunk and bolt from the room, but she said, “No, it’s okay.  But I have a boyfriend.”

“I know.”

We looked at each other.  I felt stupid.  She looked uncomfortable.  I would like to say that I saw what I needed to know in her expression, either good or bad, about what she was thinking but I really only saw her and how beautiful she was and how I had probably just screwed up a great friendship.  Thankfully, she wasn’t leaving the room, in fact she was still siting on my bunk.  We looked at each other in silence, then on queue in slow cinematic style, we drew closer.  The gap between us was closing, very slowly, like time had jelled.  I had the perfect opportunity to wonder if she would pull away again and what I would do if she did.  She didn’t and we met in a soft, sweet kiss, buffered by nervous excitement and an exhausted haze.

I pulled back to see her smile and I smirked at her.  We had crossed the line.  She now knew the affection I had for her and I knew that she was taken with me.  It was all out in the open.  I looked at her for a minute and said “Excuse me, I’ll be right back.”  I was so nervous that I feared what I would do or say, and my stomach was a wreck.  I needed to get out of the room and compose myself.  I hopped down from the bunk leaving April with her long legs dangling off the edge.  I walked out of the room and down the hall to the water fountain.  Shaking from my nerves I sipped some water and took some deep breaths.  Good Lord, she’s in my room, I finally kissed her, what now?

My mind was muddled from the hour but I gathered my wits and went back to the room.  I tried to act normal, we talked and kissed a couple more times (mostly started by me) and then I took her home.  I was so absorbed in my victory that I can’t recall how I got back to my room and finally fell asleep.

April and I made plans to attend church the next morning.  The only thing that got me there on time was the fact that April was going with me and I had to look responsible.  Life was good.  We were going to be an item.  I was making all kinds of plans and just when I was about to share them with her, she told me that the boyfriend was coming for a weekend visit.

What I thought would be a week full of April and I studying and eating in the cafeteria and of course kissing turned out to be me devising a plan of how I was going to be able to keep her.  I had to convince April that I was the better choice and that she was crazy to be with this guy, Guido.  I don’t know why I called him that, but he’s always been Guido to me.

I was a mess the day he was to arrive.  I got up early and headed across campus to tell April exactly how I felt.

[to be…um, let’s see…continued]

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40 comments to How We Met – Part 7: A First

  • Great post Clay! PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE dont be long in the next one!

  • Oh gawd. I have always prided myself on the fact that I do not like romance novels–except Jane Austen because her books are totally about more than romance. And now I find that I am a blog serial romance junky. It was fine when it was just PW’s. That was the exception. Now this. Greaaaaaaat. I feel so cheap. And voyeuristic. Well, not quite *that*. But goodness, what’s next? Bare-chested men and wanton women grazing the covers of my reading material? Heaven forbid! Although, this is a very chaste little romance story thus far, and I like the whole goin’ to church together thang. What could it hurt? Yeah, that’s what the serpent said about that apple! Get behind me, Satan!

  • Erin from Iowa

    I think it is so cool a dude is writing this! I wish stuff like this could be a never ending story.

  • Kate


    Cannot possibly wait another 20 days for another part of the story, please, please, please write more as quickly as possible!

    I am enjoying your story.

    I think I can say for other readers that we really would appreciate your quickly typing fingers on this one.


  • Tracey in Paradise Pa.

    Love Love Love!! You are blessed April!!
    Hugs to your family!!

  • Stephanie

    What a wonderful story; it just gets better with each chapter…Anxiously awaiting the next…Don’t keep us waiting too long….

  • Just so darned sweet. Makes my heart happy. I love new love.

  • Cathie in Traverse City

    This is great – can’t wait for more! I just love the male side of the story.

  • Andilynn

    I wonder if my husband remembers our beginning in such detail. I know he remembers the dinner we had & how horrible his was…and he remembers what I wore, but I’ll have to question him about the rest. Funny, but I can remember it like it was yesterday. Can’t wait to hear the rest Clay…especially how you proposed to April.

  • Missy Litzinger

    ok I have lurked here everyday WAITING impatiently I might add for this post. Can we possible get the next one a little sooner….geeshhhhhhh – you think I would have better things to do……
    Nice story though – thanks for sharing – oh and PLEASE make the next installment sooner rather than later…….

  • jamoody

    How romantic!!! I love it.

  • MNStacey

    AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! I hate to be continueds!!!!

  • JJ

    It is nice to hear the guy’s side – can’t wait to hear the rest!

  • Brenda

    Love this story Clay – you are a great writer and story teller. Now come on and don’t make us wait so long for the next chapter. Never mind that you have a family to support we wanna hear the deets!!!

  • Amber

    Love it….can’t wait for the rest :)

  • Christinealice

    So sweet but not enough of the story. More please.

  • If you make me wait too long I’m going to reach through my computer and smack you.
    More please!

  • I agree with the other comments!

    BTW…love the note to your daughter, lol.

  • Babs in MO

    Love, love, love your story Clay and April … or is it April and Clay? Who woulda thunked when you signed up for that art class and met each other that it would turn into – luuuuv.

    PS I’ve missed Rechelle – hope everything is okay with her!

  • Great story but if this was running in the print media stretched out this long, the publication would have gone under while waiting for the story to finish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  • Just when it was getting reaaaalllly goooood….ya left us hangin’! Dude!! Looking forward to the next one!!

  • Lauri Bernet

    Oh man-such an awesome story! You’re going to be so glad you wrote these down, I need to make my husband read this….you are giving me ideas….

  • Hannah

    How the heck did the 2 of you fit in the top bunk?

  • …and who was on the bottom bunk?
    Great story. Looking forward to #8.

  • all us girl folks hollaring don’t stop clay don’t stop … must be a slight ego boost to the ole manhood! enjoying your saga … no please hurry up and get on with it.

  • charlotte wilson


    You are just such a sweet guy! No wonder you won April over, in the end.

    All the best,


  • Barb

    You are a great story teller, Clay. Can’t wait for the next chapter. I wonder if my husband felt this way about me when we were dating? Hmmmm……

  • Jill

    Oh…sigh….you two were meant for each other. It’s probably a good thing Guido was planning to show up so April can tell him to take a hike (sorry, Guido).

    Really looking forward to the next installment! Love the way you write, Clay.

  • You should go on Etsy and have someone sketch up a faux Harlequin Romance cover of the two of you. That would ROCK.


  • Helena

    Sigh…you are making me believe in love again Clay and April…keep it coming!

  • Michelle S

    I just love how you seem so determined! There are not alot of men out there willing to put their feelings on display without knowing what the outcome will be, that says alot about the type of man you are. You guys are out there but very hard to find, you have to keep a good eye out for that type of man and I finally found one. It turned out to be my old high school boyfriend, guess I never should have let him go the 1st time. What a difference 20 years makes. We are happily married now!

  • Oh come on, finish already. I can’t wait. Tell more. Don’t make me wait.

  • charlotte wilson

    Where is it? i thought there would be a conclusion.

  • Maureen in IL

    You’re kidding right? I can’t believe how long you are stretching this out. What a sweet story. I’m enjoying every word.

  • Laura the Famous

    Clay- you are killing me!! Don’t wait so long. I loved the part you added to your daughter. I wish there were more men like you!

  • Beth

    I just came back to re-read because it’s so well written. Fun!

    By the way, I love the clip lamp reference. Sadly, we all know to what you are referring.

  • Um….let’s get a move on here. How long must this cliffhanger last?!

  • Diane

    LOVE it!!! Cute, funny, awkward, sweet….so typical of the beginning of a great romance. Looking forward to the rest.

  • Great Story! Have read your blog a few times before, but didn’t know you had this series.
    I do something similar and have a blast with it.
    Can’t wait to read more.

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