How We Met – Part 5: Devastating News

She had a boyfriend.  I’m not sure when she told me but I’m sure I shook my fists at the heavens, stomped on some flowers, cried myself to sleep and then erased the event from my memory.  I considered it a major setback in our future relationship.  Possibly fatal, but my family came to my rescue.

My Dad and sister came to visit one weekend in February.  We ate and came back to my dorm room to hang out and that is when we noticed the flashing button on my answering machine.  It went something like this: “Hi Clay, this is April from Drawing class.  I just wanted to call and find out how the nude model was today.  I mean, how weird is that?  I just couldn’t go.  So, um, call me back.  My numbers is flippity one flappity two.  Ok?  Well, bye.”  I listened and although I was excited that she called, I chalked it up to a girl wanting some info from a friend and nothing more.  My sister picked up on it right away, “so she called you to talk about a nude model in drawing class?  Please.  No, she likes you.”  I said, “No, no.  She has a boyfriend back home.”  That’s when Dad said, “Clay, you’re here and he’s there.”

He is there.  I am here.  She is here.  I had a glimmer of hope.  I have to say that despite the “all is fair in love and war,” a dude doesn’t go after another guy’s girl so it was a faint glimmer, but a glimmer none the less.

That weekend, the RA on my floor scheduled a “mixer” with an “all girl” dorm on the other side of campus.  I got ready and about twenty of us headed over to meet chicks and watch “Taxi Driver.”  Why “Taxi Driver?”  I have no idea but when you really think about it, isn’t Taxi Driver on your top ten date movie list?  We met the girls, talked about the pluses and minuses of dating and relationships (good gravy it was boring) and headed back up to the lobby to watch the movie.  I was feeling a little like I wanted to get the heck out of there when I heard April.  Actually, I heard her laugh.  If you need a first hand account, listen to this video.  April has a laugh so loud that it takes a little while to gauge the distance and hone in on the source.  But I kept following the sound and found her heading out the door with some of her roommates to get some frozen yogurt.  She asked what I was doing and I told her about the movie and the boredom.  After about ten minutes of conversation her friend gave up on the yogurt trip and headed back to her room while April and I spent the remainder of the movie talking.  Boyfriend?  What boyfriend?

Talking during class and seeing each other around campus was working well, but April had larger plans and invited me to meet her sister.

Okay, now that is cool.  I was going to get the sister evaluation, that’s just one step from “I want you to meet my parents” and I was excited and a little anxious.  We got to Rechelle’s apartment, she opened the door and said “So this is Clay, LOOK AT ALL THAT HAIR!! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAA!!.”  Yep, she was April’s sister.  Here is an example of Rechelle’s laugh if you want get the full effect.

The three of us talked.  There was laughing, and stories, and even some dancing and after about an hour, April and I left.  I was feeling pretty good about the first impression.  And apparently so was April.  She asked me a few questions like, “So do you like Rechelle?” and “Isn’t she nice?” and “Do you want this picture of her?”  It slowly dawned on me that I had been taken to meet her sister not to get the “potential boyfriend” evaluation, I was taken over there to get the “I’ve got a guy for you that I think you’ll like” evaluation.  April was interested in me for her sister.  She told me later that both she and Rechelle had ideal husband “looks.”  Rechelle’s ideal husband look was a guy with red hair and green eyes.  April’s ideal husband look was a guy with black hair and blue eyes.  Obviously, I fit within the Rechelle husband category.

Once again I went through the shaking fists, stomped flowers, and endless weeping.  But I didn’t erase that from my memory.  Instead, I decided that I would have none of that and needed to step up my game.  No matter what the guy code said, I needed to pursue this girl with 100% commitment.

So I asked her out on a date.  Or a friend trip.  Or whatever you call those.  I asked her to go to a basketball game on a Saturday afternoon “just as friends” and she said OK.  She met me at the field house and we went in.

April doesn’t like sports.  And when I say “doesn’t like,” I mean “hates with a fiery passion.”  I was enjoying the game but when I would glance over to her she would be looking at the rafters, the seats to her left, the popcorn on the floor, anything but the game.  She was bored to death.  I made a few attempts to get her involved.  I would say “April, that was a great play.  Let’s cheer.  YAY!!” and she would look over at me and say “yay…” and then look back at the rafters and sigh.  This friend trip wasn’t going well.

At halftime I decided I would give her the out that she wanted.  I said “Well, um, do you want to go?”  She looked at me and said “Yes” like “isn’t it obvious?”  Um, yea, when you started yawning and straightening your cuticles, I kind of got the jist.  My heart sank and I was feeling inadequate.  I then said “Do you want me to go with you?”  I was fully expecting her to say “Um, no, you stay and enjoy the game.  You seem to be having a great time and I’ll just slip out.  See you at class on Monday” but she surprised me with “Yes.  Lets go to my dorm and get something to eat.”

Ok, who is this girl?  We left the field house and headed across campus.  It was during that hike and the experience that we had along the way that I began to see the real April.

[to be continued]

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42 comments to How We Met – Part 5: Devastating News

  • Barb

    That is too funny. Trying to fix you up with Rechelle? I can see why April eventually fell in love with you – you have the same silly, corny sense of humor that my husband has and after nearly 24 years of marriage, he still can crack me up. Can’t wait for the next installment!!

  • Gina

    I dare anyone to listen to those two ladies laughing and not laugh with them. They crack me up!! :-)
    Seriously you left a game in Allen Field House at half time…how could you!! 😉 That is one of my favorite things to do!! Love KU basketball!!
    This story is great! Thanks Clay!

  • Ha ha ha… trying to set you up with her sister!! I did not see that coming! Those poor flowers!! So, need to know…Did Rechelle get her “red hair/green eyed man”?

  • sally

    Nice! Always enjoy reading your installments!

  • Kathy

    Love, love, love your story. Thank for sharing. :)

  • LOL! It sounds like they had their “ideal husband looks” a little confused. I always said I would *never* date a redhead. My mom’s side of the family is full of redheads, and I had just never seen one (except for on 7 Brides for 7 Brothers) that I found attractive. I always thought I’d marry a guy with blond hair and maybe blue eyes. Heck, thinking about it now, I never even *liked* a guy with blond hair and blue eyes, so who knows why I thought that. Apparently I have a thing for brown eyes and Danny’s *auburn* hair is so not the same as *red* hair. I guess the moral to this story is that men shouldn’t be so bothered by not knowing what women want. Women often don’t know what they want!

  • Maggie

    I enjoyed those video clips just as much as the story – love your family!

  • Theresa in Alberta

    she went with you to a sporting event and she hates sports? UH HUH, bye bye old boyfriend :-) Where was the country doctor at this time? ssoooooo…..what happened next?

  • Get with it already. I can’t take the suspence.

  • carole

    go Clay go Clay….way to stick your man…eeerrr woman!
    You have time to write tomorrow…yes??!!

  • Don’t make us wait too long for the next installment!

  • Thank you!!………but….next time set aside like a whole hour to write. K? : )

  • Geez man, give us more than that! Even Ree didn’t string us along with such short stories!! :)
    April is a lucky woman. Your kids, more than any of us, will appreciate this effort. Kids should know their parents are in love.

  • Good grief, you’ve sucked me in…..I can’t believe it. I haven’t even gotten sucked into Black Heels…or Tractor Wheels or whatever! But I’m sucked into this one…damn you.

  • sue

    always the cliff hanger clay!!! write on…please!

  • Kathy

    Thanks so much for sharing with us. April is very, very lucky to have you.(You can show her this)

  • Nancy T

    Is that all?! I was so absorbed in the story I couldn’t even eat my bowl of ice cream sitting in front of me. I anxiously scrolled down the page and ….. I am really enjoying the story-keep it coming! Thanks for sharing.

  • Carol

    Love this story and all the great details. I met my husband in college and our first date was Live on Sunset Strip with Richard Pryor…full of expletives, sexual jokes, and just a LITTLE inappropriate for a first date but I think all he knew was we were going to see a movie by a comedian. We left early and ended up back at his dorm room for pizza, and lest there be any romance, a pesty kid from his old neighborhood dropped by for a visit. So, your story brings back memories!!! Keep writing. Red hair and green eyes….red hair??? You look more brown or auburn.

  • You’re just a mess, Clay, but then so is April!! hahaha

    Keep this story going, I love it. :)

  • Jeanne

    I am very, very, very disappointed with you for making us wait again!

  • Clay….keep on writing! I LOVE IT! Can’t wait for the next installment…

    Not to go off subject….but do you keep bees?? I’m getting a hive next spring. Cute hat.

  • Clay! Seriously I’m leaving on Wednesday morning for 9 days… Poland…yes I do have a life (well kind of) but I’m not sure of internet services etc…will you finish already or I’ll tell your kids your buying them a pony!!!

  • Paula

    Love it! Loved looking/laughing at the videos again! Like everyone else, I’ll keep checking back.

  • ErinFromIowa

    Yeah! What Maria said! Exactly! Except for the damn you. Hee hee.

  • Kathleen in Michigan

    Clay – you are a natural born blogger! Thanks for the great stories.

  • Saundra

    LOVE this story! You both are two crazy people and therefore, meant for each other. Don’t make us wait too long!!

  • This is like those John Cusack movies in the late eighties and early nineties that I loved. I should buy the movie rights to this story.

    Who do you suggest I get to star in the movie?

    I also need to think about compiling a movie soundtrack.

  • Cathie in Traverse City

    Clay, I am enjoying hearing this from the ‘guys’ side. It is interesting. Can’t wait for some more!!

  • Stephanie in Houston

    Oh, come on! You have GOT to write more than that – PLEASE. This is a much better story that that “Black Heels loves Tractor” story. Keep going!

  • Charlotte Wilson

    Oh, keep going….I love it. Can you do a new installment like every day?

  • Charlotte Wilson

    Devastating not devistating.

  • Thanks, but I spell everything correctly, so I’m not sure what you’re talking aboot.

  • Deanna

    It’s Canadian spelling, isn’t it?

    Great story! I love reading it! We need a photo of ya’ll in college to go with this.

  • Awwww come on Clay, you can write more than THAT!!!
    I’m dying here

  • Maureen in IL

    c’mon Clay, we need more than that. I mean, I know you have a real job, and a family, and a farm and bees and what all, but really, a bit more of the story than that . . . please?

  • vicki

    Awww, come on, we have to hear more, Clay.

    Also, I am…..long story here, but I need some “good guy” advice. Can you help me??

    Love this story and love to see two people keeping it going!!

  • Life is short. Write faster!

  • Life is so short and I typed so fast I didn’t even get my REQUIRED info correct. All okie dokie now!

  • susan

    i will have to wait until I get home from work to listen to the laugh….the powers that be might not take kindly to me not being immersed in this godawful spreadsheet.

    love your musings…………

  • Beth

    Another fine installment, Clay–but a bit short. You tease!

  • Missy Litzinger

    accckkkkk – I thought I was going to get to read the whole thing….when is the next installment.
    Did I mention that I hate installment stories……

  • Kate

    Come on Clay, I can’t wait much longer. It looks like you have been submitting the writing 5 days apart. Can we count on some more soon?

    BTW, loving every word. Thanks for sharing.

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